Oh Hey, Stranger

Clearly I’ve been MIA, but since I’ve signed up for another half marathon (my third!) I figured I should start posting if not for anything but to keep track of my training and get motivated.

My workout routines thus far have been a lot of Pure Barre (they’re opening a new location in NYC so check it out!). I’m also trying to mix it up so in the last few weeks I tried As1 Fitness, TRX at Exceed and Refine Method. Of them all, Refine has a great new client pack so I’m going to stick with that for the time being. It also kicked my ass so hard that my cheeks were sore for days. So that’s gotta be good, right? Then there’s running. After ending up in PT twice, why decide to do another half? Well I’m Type A and competitive and didn’t want to break my one half marathon a year streak. (Yes, two years in a row counts as a streak!). So I chose Long Beach, Cali as the location so I could take a nice vacay at my parents who live in Southern California after. Plus it’s near the beach and a flat course supposedly and fit in my time frame. I’m nervous, not gonna lie, but honestly my runs these days are about doing them without stopping and not thinking about time. My days of PRs are over I think and that’s OK. I’ve only done 4 miles in my training so far, but this weekend I’ll aim for 5. Since I haven’t been doing long runs in seriously forever, every new mileage I hit from now on is a milestone for me.

BTW, this past weekend I did the Great Urban Race NYC. It was fun and exhausting and here are some pretty funny pictures from some of the tasks we had to do.