Lucy workout clothes review

It’s not secret when I’m not working out, I’m usually lounging around in workout clothes. I love all things comfy and have countless pairs of black bottoms. So when Lucy sent me their new Walkabout pant to try, I knew they’d be perfect for me. I have to admit when I first got them I wasn’t sure how flattering they’d be. The material was great, but the zipper and button threw me off. Turns out they fit great and will definitely be added to my rotation of pants I either workout in or run around the city doing errands in. (and they’re water resistant, a plus.)

The shorts I received are the propel run and they’re the shortest pair they make. Ok probably not the best for me since my legs are my worst feature. You most likely won’t be seeing me run the park in these bad boys, but I do already wear them around the apt. So comfy, not too short that it’s inappropriate and they have a little pocket in the back.


Do you own Lucy clothes?

Oh and in case you were wondering, yes I’m STILL obsessed with Pure Barre and going 5 days a week.