Prepping Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is no doubt my favorite holiday. While I won’t get to spend it with my immediate family this year, I get to enjoy an awesome meal with my grandma and cousins. Since all the food is taken care of, I decided I wanted to make some dessert. Apple pie and pumpkin cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting here I come.

I started with the apple pie. Who cooks something they’re allergic to? Me apparently. I’m allergic apples, but only when they’re raw so baked is a ok. But snacking while prepping is a no no. So I peeled and cut 6 organic fuji apples I picked up at TJ’s over the weekend.

Next up I added a cup of splenda, tablespoon of flour, lemon juice and cinammon. Then added into the pie dish and crust. Now my friends instructions on this part were, make sure it’s a heaping mound. Looks pretty heaping to me, right?

Next I added the top crust, cut some slits, and it’s ready to bake.

And done.

Next up were the cupcakes, Martha Stewart style. Mix the dry ingredients in 1 bowl, wet in the other. Then mix together with the pumpkin puree.

Ok so the recipe says it makes 18 cupcakes yet I ended up with 24. Hmm.

20 minutes later and you got this:

Woke up for a Thanksgiving morning run. Now that the temp has dropped, I’m remembering what it’s like training in the winter and how my body needs to get used to it. I did a 2-miler and it wasn’t so easy peasy, but still felt good nonetheless.

Ok time to make the cream cheese frosting. Cream cheese, 3/4 stick butter, tspn of vanilla and 3 1/2 cups (yep) confectioner’s sugar.

Frost the cupcakes (try not to lick spoon)

Ready to be transported…Happy Thanksgiving!


Bloggerific Sunday

Seriously, every Sunday should be like this one. I woke up bright and early around 8am because this 27-year-old doesn’t know how to sleep in. I watched some more Friday Night Lights (my new obsession) before getting ready for my first official NYC blogger meetup. Ashley from Healthy Happier Bear hosted a Pink Blogger Brunch sponsored by Eggland’s Best. It was a gorgeous day and since I was early (sensing a theme?) I walked around Gramercy Park. Yep, she lives in just about the greatest areas of NYC. I headed on in and met some wonderful ladies. Blogging is such a great community and I love meeting fellow runners or healthy bloggies. I’ll post the group pic once I can steal it from someone, but until then here’s a preview.

Our wonderful host:
The brunch consisted of quiche, a yogurt bar, pumpkin bread and yummy mimosas. And lots of chatting. Afterwards, I headed to Trader Joe’s since I never get there. It shockingly wasn’t packed, and I grabbed the apples for the apple pie I’ll be making for Thanksgiving, and some other goodies.
If that aint a bag of healthy goodness, I don’t know what is.

So I got home from being out all day, got my running partner Rachel’s first 1/2 marathon race report (she rocked it) and decided I was motivated for a mid-afternoon run. I put on the tights and headed out the door for what was a fabulous run. And I don’t say that too often. I did 3 miles is just under 30 minutes and felt great.

Who says you can’t have a good run after drinking champagne?

Finish off the day with a JC mac n cheese meal for din and side of sauteed zucchini and baby bella mushrooms. (enough to last a few meals)

How was your weekend?

Sunday wrap up

What a productive Sunday I had that included a trip to the Farmer’s market and cooking up a veggie feast. Before I get to the cooking, a little JC update. I’m down a little over 7 lbs! I’m very happy with this. I’ve also been keeping up with a 5 mile run once a week with my friend so with the diet going well and the runs consistent, I’m feeling pretty great. Ok, on to the food!

The market is very small, but it’s across from my apt building so I can’t complain. I got inspired to try some new stuff so I went and picked up an acorn squash, a parsnip and cippolini onions. Random, I know.

I got pretty hungry in the afternoon so I decided to finally make those parsnip fries everyone (especially Caitlin) always raves about. They’re a little too starchy for an everyday thing (they’re a limited food on JC), but it’s Sunday so what the heck? I peeled the BAP (that’s big ass parsnip). I cut it up like fries and layed it out on a sheet.

That’s a before and after. All I did was stick it in an oven at 375 with a little EVOO, salt and pepper until they looked ready.

For dinner, I really outdid myself. I decided to save the acorn squash so that it wouldn’t be a super starchy day, and cook up the spaghetti squash I had already. Although it takes longer, baking the squash is so much easier than cutting that sucker and then microwaving. Just put it on a pan, stick it in a 375 degree oven and bake for 50 minutes to an hour.

While I let it cool a bit, I layed out the peeled onions and a box of cherry tomatoes on the pan. Sprinkled just a touch of EVOO, salt, pepper and thyme and stuck it in the hot oven for about 20 minutes.

So pretty. Time to scoop the squash.

Next I combined.

Then stick the JC ravioli on top and you have a pretty awesome and healthy meal.


How was your weekend?

Spectating the NYC marathon

Marathon Sunday is one of the best days in New York. I woke up to music blasting outside my window as 1st ave got ready for the runners. Before I knew it, the women elites were coming and we went outside to check them out. It’s amazing how fast they go.

After the women passed, my friends and I went back inside to eat and have some drinks before heading back down to see more people, the first of which was the Chilean miner. He was struggling by 18 but the crowd was cheering for him.

He’s the guy in the knee brace.

Soon it was time to get ready to look for my friend Lauren. I’ve told you all about her before. We started our running journey together and I’m so amazed at her dedication to run the marathon for autism. I was so nervous I’d miss her, so much pressure to spot people you know! I remember how great it felt to see my sister and friends during my half so I wanted to make sure she saw us and my awesome sign.

Yep, I used glitter.
Here’s the group of us waiting. We joked we’d be busy taking pics of ourselves when she passed us by haha.

As we’re waiting I saw some people coming up with Subway on their shirts. Then I realized, it’s Jared! We cheered on the Subway guy.

While we were waiting we also saw 2 people fall in a pot hole. The woman lost a tooth and bled everywhere. I told the cop that was the 2nd person we saw fall and they should put a cone up, but they couldn’t even get a paramedic come let alone a cone. Can you imagine falling that far into it?

Finally, I heard a friend say, “Here she comes!” Lauren looked great for 18 miles!

After seeing Lauren, we headed upstairs to hang out and relax while some of the others went to see her at the finish. So proud of you, Laur!

If anyone ever wants to visit NYC, Marathon Sunday is such a fun time to come. Nothing like it.

Making JC gourmet

Even though I’m eating all Jenny Craig food, all the time, doesn’t mean I can’t spice it up with what they call “free foods.”

Last night’s dinner was a JC lasagna, so I decided to bake a spaghetti squash to go with. Usually I microwave squash to save time, but I got home early and decided to go the long route. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong with some SS.

I preheated the oven to 375 and poked some holes through the squash (so it doesn’t explode). Bake for about an hour and it’s perfect.

Baking it whole also saves you the muscle work of cutting that baby in half when it’s raw. Scoop out the seeds, and then fork out the strands and it’s ready.

I also had a box of cherry tomatoes that I wanted to roast to put on top (instead of sauce). I placed them on a baking sheet with just a bit of salt and put them in the oven for 10 minutes.

From this:

To this:
I have to say, it came out great and definitely bulked up the JC lasagna.

Sunday night, I did something similar to add to my dish. Kale chips and carrot fries!

The kale didn’t take long at all and I have no idea if I did it right, but it was pretty good to me.

The carrots take much longer, but when they’re done, yum. I pretty much love any vegetable roasted.

No gym for me so far because of my back, but I’m hoping to try to get some sort of workout in today.

Happy Wednesday!