I’m a princess

So much to fill you all in on. I have a new fave food, a new injury and a new race to prepare for. Let’s start with the most annoying update. Yes, I have another injury, but I’m hoping it’s temporary. I woke up Friday morning after having a great 5-mile run outside on Thursday, with pain in my lower neck, upper back. Luckily I had the day off so I stayed in bed. When I woke up yesterday, it wasn’t any better at all. I got a massage at the advice of friends (I hate massages) and she focused on the area. I had trouble sleeping on it but hoping it’s worse before it gets better kinda thing. So Happy Halloween from my Icy-Hot covered back in bed. I did manage to go out for a little last night though. Can you guess my costume?

A Bachelor contestant!

Ok so favorite food. I’ve heard a lot about kale chips, which I still haven’t made, but have been really into sauteeing it. On Jenny Craig, non-starchy veggies are free foods that you can add to bulk up meals. I take a huge bunch of kale, wash it well, and then throw it in a pan that’s sprayed with Pam. As it wilts, I tear up more pieces to add in. The only other thing I add is lemon juice as it’s sauteeing. I love how it turns so bright green.

Once it’s done, I put it in a bowl and put some balsamic on top while it’s hot. Yum.

Now, onto my new race. My friend and I officially are signed up and have flights booked to the Disney Princess Half Marathon!! I’m both excited and scared. I’m going to have a different mindset going into this one and not stress about time and running a PR. I just want to enjoy it! Who else is running in this race? I can’t wait to be Princess Robyn.


Week 1 JC review

I successfully completed my first week on the JC (Jenny Craig, but you know how I shorten things). I lost 3.2 pounds! I’m pretty stoked about this and hope that I can continue the progress. I’m pretty much loving the program so far just because of the convenience factor. Every meal is there waiting for me and I don’t have to think about portion control because it does it for me. I’m also doing well on the running front. I ran a mile here and there and then on Thursday, Rachel and I did our 4.5 mile loop in the park. Considering I never liked to run with a friend, I’m amazed at how much I look forward to our weekly runs. And speaking of running, she put the idea in my head about the Disney Princess Half. If you’ve done it, is it a good one to do? I’m nervous to train and run in another half because of my knee, but it’s also somewhat tempting to do it with a friend (and make it a mini vacay). Thoughts?

Off to my own personal version of Heaven…Costco!

Running in the rain makes you sick

Yep. Last week I was too hardcore for my own good. My new running partner Rachel and I had decided we were going to go for a run together on Thursday. The rain ruined out plan. Except Rach was determined to go, so I wasn’t going to bail either. We did a four mile loop in the park soaking wet. But you know once you get wet it doesn’t get much worse and it was actually pretty good of a run. Plus it was just us and the NYC marathon trainers which was pretty cool. But today, 4 days later, I’m sick. I’m guessing that might have had to do with it.

In other news, I’m on a new diet plan. (I know, how many times have you heard that before?) I’m trying out Jenny Craig, which I’ve heard a lot of people doing lately. I love cooking my concoctions and I won’t really be able to do that anymore, but my biggest struggle is portion control and night snacking and this should really help. Plus all my meals will be there for me ready to go and it doesn’t get easier than that. I’m hoping to drop 10 pounds, so today is Day 1! For your viewing pleasure, here’s my very first Jenny meal. An egg scramble. And an awful pic. Sorry.

Told ya I couldn’t stay away from blogging too long.

Taking a break…for now

As I’m sure everyone has noticed, I’ve been blogging less and less. I love writing about running and cooking and whatever else is on my mind, but unfortunately I just haven’t had the time. Pair that with the fact that I’ve had to reduce my runs and there’s not so much to talk about. So while work has become my priority at the moment, I’m hoping to come back to blogging soon (if not at least once a week). Hope you’ll be joining me when I do!

The best veggie chili

When I got back from my 10k on Sunday, I was motivated to get some healthy meals together for the week. I started by finally taking out my salad dressing maker I had gotten for my birthday. Salad dressing is so simple to make and is way better than anything I would either buy or get somewhere for lunch (can we say added sugar?). I followed one of the recipes on the bottle and made a dijon vinaigrette with red wine vinegar, evoo and dijon mustard. Simple. Except when I knocked it over and spilled out half of the contents on my counter. But we’ll ignore that part.

Now I have the dressing here at work for the week.

Next up I made the best veggie chili ever. I used Barefoot Contessa’s chicken chili recipe as the base, but excluded chicken and added carrots, zucchini and white beans. Man was it good.

I started by sauteeing 2 yellow onions in EVOO. After about 10 minutes added a little minced garlic (I buy the stuff in the jar), followed by 2 yellow peppers and 1 red. Then add a teaspoon chili powder and a teaspoon cumin.

Carrots and a zucchini went in next.

Next up I added 2 28 oz cans of whole tomatoes. So you’re supposed to break them up with your hands, which I did, and which caused a mess in the kitchen. Tomatoes are very squirty let me tell you.

Let it all simmer for 30 minutes and the delicious goodness is ready.

Have you made any fall feeling dishes yet?

Back in the game (10K race report)

It’s been awhile since I raced, and a really long while since I felt great during one. Today I was back out there amongst my runner people for the Governor’s Island 10k.

I woke up at 5:40, way too early for a Sunday. I had my whole wheat toast with natural PB, got my gear on, and went to get my friend Rachel who was running with me. Together we headed to the ferry all the way downtown. This race was an interesting one. It was its inaugural run and it was on an island off of Manhattan. They gave us the ferry times and Rachel and I caught the first one. It was beyond freezing. It was barely 7am and the first fall feeling day and everyone was huddling together to keep warm. I snapped 2 pretty pic during the 5 minute ride of my pretty city.

Over an hour after we got there it finally time to start racing. I couldn’t wait to get warm. Rachel and I knew we’d run the first mile together than I’d asses if I was going to keep up with her 5’7″ legs.
Mile 1- 9:50. My first mile is always my fastest, but I was feeling good and ok with keeping a 10 pace.
Mile 2- 10:02. Rachel and I split up and I was still feeling strong.
Mile 3- 10:27. At this point I was thinking how much easier a flat run feels when you’re used to Central Park
Mile 4-10:30. This is where I planned to decide if I could run the whole thing and I thought, oh yeah I can.
Mile 5- 10:40. Ankles were hurting but I knew I’d run the whole thing!
Mile 6- 10:47. Ok this race is going longer than 6.2
Mile.32- 2:59. Yep race ran long, but I totally kicked my intended time’s ass.
Finish- 1:05:23

Overall, I was so pleased with how I felt and performed. My knee got sore towards the end, but it was totally strong throughout (both are pretty sore now and yes, I’m icing).

After the race I found Lisa from Early Morning Run. It’s funny how you feel like you know a bloggy friend so well when you’ve never even met. Her, her husband and I headed back to the city for brunch. It was so great hanging with them!

When I got back home I cleaned, grocery shopped and made hearty veggie chili. Recipe and pics to come!