I know, I’ve been seriously lacking on the posts. Would you believe me if I said it was because work is crazy? I’m hoping with most of the Fall TV premieres out of the way, things will slow down.

You all know about my favorite trainer Leanne. Well this week I took her “fitrition” class. It was perfect for me. 45 minutes of bootcamp style working out, followed by a session with a health coach Quinn. Due to the recent rain we had the class in Leanne’s big apartment. Believe me, indoors aint easier than the park. We did some stair runs, wall sits, lunges, push-ups, you name it. She kicked my butt. It was great since there were only 5 of us taking the class so the nutrition part was super personalized. We talked about common problems we run into, like finding a healthy lunch during the work week. Together we also made a quinoa that had a very fall feel. And it had kale, which I never have, but may now be convinced to try. I’m hoping to meet with Quinn one-on-one to shed these nagging pounds I’ve gaines. But for now, I’m going to keep trying to eat right and work out hard.

Sunday is the big 6 mile race, eek! So nervous, but excited to finally meet Lisa from Early Morning Run.



This week I banged out a 5-miler. Maybe it’s the power of the park, but I seem to have more stamina and more fight in me when I attempt the loop. The first 2 miles felt good. I knew that if I got through those 2, I’d push myself for a third, and by that point I’d want to finish out the fourth. The plan worked. By mile 2.5 my ankles started to give me trouble. My whole lower body was achy. Then the knee aches followed. Not pain to make me stop, but my knee caps just hurt. I finished the 4 in about 45 minutes. It’s hard to remember the days when I would do a sub 10 minute mile, but now I’m just happy to run without stopping. I got water from the fountain, and started up my run back home. It was mostly down hill which definitely helped. I banged out the final mile and felt so happy (and relieved) I did it.

The weird thing is two days later I tried to run and could barely get through a mile. My calves were so tight they were burning. Is this from not stretching enough post 5-miler? I’ve got 1 week left until my 6 mile race so hopefully they’ll cool down by them.

When I got back from the run I prepared a fresh meal. My co worker had given me two small tomatoes from her garden and I already had a zucchini and yellow pepper and whole wheat pasta on hand, so I bought 2 more tomatoes and cooked them up. First I sauteed the pepper and zucchini, while the pasta water was boiling. Next I added in the chunks of tomato. I love tomato sauce but didn’t have any so I thought this might be the next best thing.

A large serving of pasta and chunky veggies and I was feeling good post 5 miles.

Tonight I have my cousin’s wedding. Do you watch Housewives of NJ? The wedding is at the Brownstone, the place the Manzo’s own. Should be fun!

Sweating it out

I did another Bikram sesh yesterday and it never gets easier. I drip with sweat, feel like I’m going to pass out, struggle with poses, yet I continue to go back. Why? Because after I feel great. The most amazing thing to me about Bikram is that size does not correlate with success in this class. There are plenty of people I would not look at and say, damn they’re fit, and they can rock that Padangustasana like it’s nobody’s business. For those who don’t know much about Bikram, it’s a practice of hot yoga. Temperatures are kept at about 95-100 degrees and the session includes 2 breathing exercises and 26 poses, each done twice. To say you sweat is an understatement. My hair is soaking wet and my shirt is a different shade when I leave. I enjoy it because it’s challenging and you burn a lot of calories while simply standing in different ways. It’s also helped increased my flexibility and I’m pretty sure it’s been helpful with my knee issues.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve gained a few pounds. But even more frustrating is the fact that my clothes don’t fit! I’m not sure what to do. I’ve been working out, eating more healthfully. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with become a vegetarian, although it’s not like I eat pasta every night now instead.

How do you break a weightloss rut?

Not sure what I was thinking…

I’m supposed to run a 6 mile race in two weekends, and I’m starting to freak out. Yes, I kicked ass on a 4-miler last week, but I’d be surprised if I can manage much more than that on race day. Friday I had the day off so I ran 2.5 miles. It was an okay run. Today, i tested out my new knee brace and it was a struggle. Does anyone have experience with knee braces? I’m not sure if it’s too snug or just takes getting used to, but running with it felt like I had a weight on my ride ankle. My shin was so tight and felt like it was working so much harder than the left. Does it just take building up some strength?

After a mile I slid the knee brace down and finished out the second without it. Either I step it up this week, or I devise a plan for raceday. Maybe 3 miles run, 1 mile walk, final 2 run?

After the short run, I stopped by the farmer’s market near my apt. It’s definitely starting to feel like fall with all the cider and pumpkins! I picked up a few goodies, but still haven’t decided what I want to make for the week.

Next I made some oatmeal. I really prefer stovetop oats so I try to make them on the weekends. Next time around my PB will definitely be ready for oats in a jar. I switched it up and added some preserves so it was more like PB & J/Banana oats.


Since my knee issues flaired up, I haven’t run more than 2.5 miles, and I haven’t run in Central Park. Last night I conquered both. After trading my running time for Bikram the last few days, I knew I had to get a run in if I was going to attempt to prepare for the 10k I’m doing Oct. 3. In a stroke of perfect timing, my friend Rachel texted me (about something non-running related) yesterday at work. We then talked about our upcoming race and she mentioned she needed to go for a run and so I said, let’s do it together. I’m not a fan of running with someone, but I knew I’d push myself harder if I wasn’t alone, at that worst case, I’d drop out early. The plan was to do the 4 mile loop in Central Park. The first mile felt great. We were talking the entire time and it went by quickly. After mile 2, I thought, let me get to mile 3 and reasses. Secretly I knew if I hit 3, I’d push it to 4. I was so happy and proud of myself when we finished the loop in 44 minutes (Cat hill and all). Like I’ve said before, time is no concern to me at this point. Although the last mile was rough, and the back of my right knee is pretty sore, I’m glad I did it. I wasn’t in sheer pain, it was more a sore feeling. Hopefully bikram will stretch me out today.

On my way home I stopped by the store because my eating gets so off-track when I don’t have groceries. I got my veggies for the week and prepared some cous cous with peas, dried cranberries and feta. I ate the entire thing, probably not the best idea, but it was gooood.

Have you overcome anything lately?

Turning a negative into a positive

Yesterday I got in another double day workout. Yep! 2.5 miles run in the morning, eliptical after work. I’m trying to raise my mileage even by just a bit each time and so far so good. My time is slower than before, but I really could care less about the time right now. I’m also thinking about ordering a short knee brace like Caitlin wears. The one I got from PT is too high up on my thigh and so uncomfortable so we’ll see how thi new one goes. I got back from workout No. 2 and put together a “what do i have in the kitchen” meal. I’m proud to say I have eaten every lunch and dinner this week (starting tues) from something I made and not out! With just 4 ingredients, my tum was satisfied.

Sauteed spinach, white beans in tomato sauce and put it over whole wheat pasta. After overloading on veggies for 2 days the belly was happy with some carbs.

So today started pretty poorly. Just a bad morning. But my friend and I had planned earlier in the week to try Bikram. I’ve done it once, but recently bought an unlimited monthly pass on Living Social Deals. Great website. I finally activated it and we went to the 5:30 class. My first mistake was not eating very much today. I found the class super hard and thought I was going to pass out. It is 100+ degrees in there. I did my best to keep up and was literally dripping and sweating so much I couldn’t stretch because I couldn’t keep a grip on my dripping limbs. Once it was over we headed out into the cooler air and felt great! I tried to take a pic but clearly it didn’t go so well.

We definitely want to go back soon, maybe even Sunday and Monday. That’s the plan for now. I thought it would make me exhausted, but I’m energized!

Have you ever done Bikram?

This time I mean it

Summer’s over already? Really? I made it back to NYC safe and sound and yesterday enjoyed a last day of vacation. My friend and I went for a little jog/run along the east river and then I went grocery shopping and prepared this week’s meals. I’m trying out a new method where I bring a bunch of small, healthy things, and eat more often throughout the day. This also makes me tupperware girl.

What you see here is some chopped cucumber, red pepper slices, a plum, banana, carrots, oatmeal, corn/tomato salad and 3 tofu sticks. I roasted up tofu last night using my new tofu press and Beth’s recipe here.

The press is a bit of a contraption, but it definitely gets out the moisture.

Now if you look closely to the next photo, you’ll see the water.

After, I cut the tofu into sticks and marinated in soy, honey and garlic.

Roasted for about 10 minutes on each side and here they are.

I may have forgotten they were in the oven. I had 3 today though, and they were pretty good re-heated.

This morning I managed to run 2 miles before work. The first mile was with my knee brace but I find it’s much more tiring and hard with it on, so I took it off for the second. I decided if I have any shot at running a 6-miler Oct. 3 I better start trying to train. I’m also planning to hit the eliptical after work for a nice double day workout. It must be done.

How was your long weekend?

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