One of my fave things about NYC…

Are the hidden (or not so hidden) gems that not enough people take advantage of. Yesterday I set out on a walk after work. I was dog-sitting my fave malti-poo and figured I’d take him with me, but that first attempt was a total fail. Here he is absolutely refusing to move.

So I brought him back home and went back out for round 2. I walked to Carl Schurz Park which is right on the East River, near my apt.

Maybe it’s because I’m usually running and this time I was walking, but I noticed how many people were out enjoying the weather and in such fun and different ways. On one side there was a young couple with a baby and a big pooch eating takeout, a section of the lawn had an elderly couple with a little picnic set up, of course there was the mini dog run where I love to watch the pups run and play. There were tons of runners, kids having a water fight, someone even painting a gorgeous picture! I often read all my different bloggy friends’ posts and get jealous over their runs by the mountains or through trails, or just the lovely suburbia outdoors but yesterday I realized people should be jealous of me and my surroundings!

Do you ever stop and think about how lovely of a place you live in?


Who doesn’t love a sale?

It’s a gorgeous day here in NYC and I cannot wait to go for a long walk after work. I’m incredibly sore from yesterday’s PT session though. They kicked my butt and really stretched me out. I asked my P-therapist when I can run again and she said, “After you do it in here.” Meaning probably week after next they’ll have me do a few minutes on their treadmill. How did I go from 13 miles to a few minutes??? Ugh. After work I went to the gym and did 20 min on the eliptical, 100 crunches on the stability ball and a few different weight machines. I went home, finished my leftover chinese food of tofu/veggies and brown rice and passed out…literally. I think it wasn’t even 8pm yet!

In other news, Lucy is having a sale here. Some pretty good workout gear.  Last time I bought the pace short. Go and spend your little hearts out!

100 Posts!

Wow I can’t believe this is my 101st post. Can we say it’s creepy that my dashboard currently says this:
Akismet has protected your site from 666 spam comments already, and there are 66 comments in your spam queue right now.

Um, is my blog posessed by the devil?

Anyway, yesterday was a good day of PT. Over the weekend I had some pain in my good knee (in the same spot as my bad), so I worked on both limbs yesterday. After doing some tough exercises like the clams and stuff with the stability ball, I sat their while my P-therapist stretched me out. This is probably my favorite part. Then I was iced and off to work. Last night I also went for a long walk, about 40 blocks, which is 2 miles I think.

Yesterday was also eat what I have in my apt day. Well for lunch I splurged at my favorite prepared salads place and made this:

Some salmon, edamame, and other random goodies.

Last night, though, I put together tomato soup with corn and a side of brussel sprouts and sauteed spinach that was still in my fridge uncooked. It came out great!

I might’ve also finished the rest of the corn straight from the can.

After dinner I made myself a green monster. Oh Mr. Monster how I’ve missed you.

Seafood Fest

This past weekend, while the weather wasn’t exactly great for laying out on the beach, we were able to enjoy the Belmar Seafood Festival. I’ve never been, but I love me some seafood. Luckily one of my friends was with me that enjoys all things shelled, raw, you name it so we split the following:
Roasted clams
Crab Legs

Yep, it was amazing.

Awful pic of me btw. There was a ton of fried options but I’m happy to say I enjoyed all the real fresh stuff. I think my favorite of the day were the oysters with my least favorite being the steamers.

Saturday night my friends and I saw The Nerds at Jenkinson’s. Has anyone ever seen/heard of them? They’re pretty much the best cover band of all time. While I didn’t get to work out this weekend (sigh), I did at least do some major dancing. That counts for something, right?

Busy or unmotivated?

Before I start, I have to say that the “I’m So Excited” episode of Saved by the Bell is on TBS right now. Awesome.

So ever since I got back from vacay I’ve been up to my eyeballs with work. I love being busy, but that coupled with not being able to run, means that I’ve literally worked out twice since I’ve been back. I’m not counting PT of course which is definitely working my muscles, but I haven’t sweat. I’m wondering if it’s because I’m so busy or because I’m not making time to get an elliptical workout in. If I were able to run right now, would I make time to get my runs in no matter what? I’m not sure.

Yesterday’s lunch was my delicious leftovers.

A little shrimp w/ eggplant and zucchini for part 1 and then my curried lentil stew with some tofu for part 2. Although I should’ve had more leftovers for din, I went to see my best friends’ new place and they so conveniently live next to Whole Foods. I have a rule that I can’t pass one without making myself a salady mixture of goodness.

Winging it

Wow is my right butt muscle/hip sore. Yesterday in PT I did this exercise called the clam and it’s hard to explain, but apparently it worked some of my glute muscles hard. I also made it to the gym yesterday and wearing my brace while doing the eliptical, I had no pain. Woohoo.

So last night I cooked up a storm. I was a bit flustered, not going to lie, trying to make 3 different meals all at the same time. My plan was to make a bunch of the things I could have during the week. First I went to the grocery store and stocked up. For about 51 bucks, this wasn’t so bad.

So the first recipe I wanted to make I had found over on the KERF blog here. You all know how much I love spaghetti squash. Unfortunately I had an inkling when Icut the SS that it wasn’t great but once I cooked it, I really knew the squash was just plain bad. Total C-Town SS fail. So I continued on with the recipe and will just have to eat it sans squash. This is a time when it would be good to have a stocked pantry of cous cous or pasta of some sort. Anyway, I cut up eggplant and salted it for 20 minutes so that the excess water would come out. After I rinsed, diced it up, diced up 2 small zucchini, and roasted them for 26 minutes at 400 degrees. No EVOO just cooking spray, salt and pepper.
You can see how the water just comes out of the eggplant here:

Before roasting:

After roasting:

After that was cooking, I sauteed some shrimp. They were already cooked so I really just put them on a pan for a few minutes on each side. No EVOO or anything.

I didn’t taste the dish (since I instead ate some leftover Chinese of tofu/veggies in brown sauce) but today I’ll have the eggplant, zucchini, shrimp with tomato sauce on top. Sounds good right?

For the next dish I prepared, I made a curried lentil stew which I found over on the Front Burner blog. The recipe is relatively simple and while I’ve never made curry and haven’t made lentils in forever, I knew I liked ever item in the dish so I should like it all together.

Apparently I didn’t take an after pic once the lentils and broth went in. Like I said I was flustered.

For my third and final dish (and on a Monday no less), I made some tofu. I love tofu and I’ve had this package in my fridge and figured it was time to do something with it. First I pressed the water out, which I haven’t ever done before.

Next I whipped up a marinade of minced fresh ginger and soy sauce. This wasn’t planned but I had both on hand. Once I dipped the tofu in the mixture, I seared it on a pan with just some non-stick spray. Here’s what it looked like with half the cubes flipped so you see the before and after.

Overall the meals were a success, even with some adapting and winging.


I seriously could not think of a title for this post! Friends, I’ve been seriously slacking on the updates but without running my life is meaningless to you all. Just kidding, but still things just aren’t as interesting when I’m not training. I did start physical therapy though. I love it. There are tons of cute boys ps. Turns out what’s really been bothering me is more my hamstring (that criss crosses under the knee) My whole right side is weaker in general and now it makes sense why back when I was running I would get pain in my right hip flexor. Throughout my 4 weeks of PT they’re going to focus on strenthening my quads so there is more support for my knee. I’m really excited for when I start running again because my legs will be stong! I’m already feeling better as well.

This weekend in NYC was hot times 100. And sticky. Saturday myself, my bff, my sister and her 2 guy friends did a little bar crawl during the day. It was fun times. You think me and the sister look alike? We don’t, but people do.

Tonight I MUST go grocery shopping. I haven’t cooked in so long!!

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