Bloggy Meetup

Last night I had my first bloggy meetup. Heidi from Basil Vodka was in town for business so we got together for drinks and din. It originally was going to be a little jaunt in Central Park, but booze and good food won over. Not surprising coming from me and my affinity for wine and a girl whose blog title includes vodka.

We met outside the subway on Bleeker (Heidi did very well navigating her way to me!) and walked over to Gemma at the Bowery Hotel. Figured it would be a good spot with a very NYC vibe.  We each ordered wine (red) and then Heidi got the margerita pizza while I ordered the melanzane al forno (that’s fancy for roasted eggplant with ricotta, parmigiano and tomato sauce). Yum!


All in all the meetup was a success. Heidi is adorable and even though she’s from the midwest and I’m from New York, we share a lot in common. Aren’t we cute? (We’re shiny thanks to NYC summer heat and humidity.)


Hot, sticky and sore

Yep, that’s me. And you all wonder why I’m still single hah. Yesterday I woke up with every muscle in my body hurting, in a good way, but still. Today is still not much better, but you know that means I worked my big bootie off on Saturday. And guess what, Wed I’m taking one of Leanne’s group fit and flow classes in the park. Check it out here, I’m so excited.

This weekend I was really good about my eating and even made a salad for lunch to bring today. But let’s start out with breakfast. I had a large iced coffee with a strawberry chobani.

Ok that’s an old pic, today had no raspberries but you get the point. Also had a banana around 11.

PT was also great today, except I was again a sweaty mess, but always good to stretch out the sore muscles. I got back to work and could not wait to dig into the salad I made last night. Every time I’ve tried to make my own salad for lunch, it’s been a failure. This time around, I switched up the lettuce which I think made the difference. I bought a bag of 3 organic hearts of romaine and used 1 that I chopped. The crispiness stays much better in the fridge than spinach in my opinion. Into it I chopped cucumber, red pepper, diced tofu, grape tomatoes, sprouts and black beans. Just look at this beauty.

I also bought a new dressing to try, Amy’s lite gingerly. I brought a container of that along with fat free cranberry balsamic, which is what I ended up putting on it.

Which dressing shall I choose.

Finally, in other great news, I have my very first bloggy meetup tonight. Heidi from Basil Vodka (read her blog, it’s hilarious, just do it), is in town from the Mid West and we’re hanging tonight! We may walk around the park but it’s supposed to rain in which case I’m sure we’ll end up grabbing food and boozing it up. So excited!

Feeling like myself again

This morning I woke up excited, tired and also a little nervous for my first training session with Leanne. I started out with my usual pre-run breakfast of whole wheat toast with low-fat natural peanut butter and a banana on the side.

Yum. I got ready to head out to the park and got to sport my brand new Aerie by American Eagle workout top. It’s a sportsbra on top and loose on the bottom, which is the type of silhouette I live by.

I met Leanne at 10am and we spotted each other right away. From the beginning I knew we’d hit it off. She said we’d do a combo of walking (the park is filled with hills) and then strength training to mix it up. She wasn’t kidding. We’d be walking and then pull to the side and I’d do 10 push-ups, followed by a plank for 30 seconds. Later on we did dips on the bench and then some hard-core crunches with a medicine ball. I loved the idea of walking and then breaking it up with some tougher drills and then back to walking. At one point I got a little light headed after a set of 20 lunges and thought I’d puke. I was thinking, you’ve got to be kidding me, I’m going to puke on my first session, this is embarassing. But a little break in the shade and I was ready to get back in there. Towards the end I was doing a drill of planks and then pushing up into a push-up stance (I realize it’s way hard to explain by typing) and one woman shouted, “That looks hard, you keep it up girl.” Yeah I got props from a woman walking her dog. Score. The entire workout sesh Leanne and I were chatting and that’s why I love NYC. It’s so easy to meet new people. Pretty sure her and I are sorta the same person, which is pretty funny and awesome. I’m excited to try out her fit and flow group class in the park that’s 40 min of cardio followed by 40 of yoga. I never thought I’d be one to try personal training since I always thought it was a waste of money for someone such as myself who works out, but I loved every minute of it. (except for the almost throwing up part.)

Walking home, I felt like myself for the first time in awhile. It was early on a lovely Saturday, I had gotten a good workout in, and was high on endorphins. It’s incredible how working your body makes you crave healthy foods and so on the way home I picked up an avocado and tomato. As soon as I got home I made a wrap with some hummus, tomato and avocado and it was so delish.

Next I iced up the knees to be safe (which PS did not hurt at all during the workout!) and took a good shower. Why do my knees gets so blotchy after ice packs?

Oh, and I got a pedicure last night:)

So far, this weekend is off to a good start.

Personal training?

I’m stressed and having a bad day. Then I went to the gym and saw that I gained 7 pounds. Seriously. WTF? I’m pissed, breath, OK ready to blog.

So awhile back I saw a blurb on Daily Candy’s NYC edition about a NY personal trainer. I checked out her site here and liked what I saw so I sent in a query (yes, I said query). And I didn’t hear back! Finally, weeks later, I got an email. She had basically been inundated with requests for info, etc since Daily Candy featured her and so it took some time understandably to sift through. I explained that right now I can’t run (tear) but that I really want to get back in shape and shed some pounds. So we’re supposed to meet in Central Park tomorrow where there are some good hills for walking/hiking and we’ll also do some other ass-kicking drills I’m sure. I’m nervous but very excited. I will definitely give a full report.

Why can’t I flip?

Seriously, all goes well when I’m making a quesadilla until it’s time to flip it over and then it’s a disaster. For last night’s meal I made a black bean and corn quesadilla with a side of asparagus. Except I ate while roasting the asparagus so by the time I was done with the ‘dilla and then pita chips that I scooped the salsa and beans on, I was hungry no more. So asparagus will be today’s lunch.

Sprinkled with salt, pepper, rosemary and too much EVOO by accident. Then roast at 450 for 15 minutes.

Then my not-so masterpiece.

How do I prevent all the beans from coming out when I flip? I ended up scooping them up and adding them on top. Still tasty, just not so finger friendly.

So time for a quick PT update: I still can’t run. And I’m still in pain. Yeah, it blows. The hamstrings are doing way better but now the bad knee hurts in the front left area. When my P-therapist pushes down on the spot that’s bothering me it feels like a bruise and I literally wince. WTF? Then, on my left side, my hip is bothering me and he said I should be careful because it’s my bursa (a fluid filled sack- yum), and could be inflamed or get worse with pressure on it from things like foam rolling. He did an ultrasound to massage it and my left hip and right knee got ice. What am I 87 years old?

Sunday Funday

I did two of my favorite things yesterday: Costco and BBQ.

So I waited at the bus stop for so long and next to me was a cute guy holding costco coupons and the same Ikea bag I had stuffed in my purse for the shopping trip. Pretty sure he was my soulmate and I never said anything to him! Costco was a success, it’s my happy place. I scored a bunch of basics but then also these:

Yep, you should be jealous.

Last night my friends and I barbequed on the terrace and made an awesome meal. Even this quasi-vegetarian had a few bites of steak, it looked so good.

And then we decided to try bbq tofu, since I’ve been dying to do it. We marinated 1 block in bbq sauce, 1 block in terryaki, and 2 in EVOO and spices. It was GOOD!

And then there was dessert. Homeade chocolate peanut butter balls and grilled peaches with some agave and brown sugar.

So. Freakin. Good.

And then we did this:

Hehe. Great night.

How was your weekend?

All the single ladies…

This weekend my sis and I went wedding dress shopping. It was a blast, and she seriously looked good in everything, and I was certainly relieved I wasn’t the one trying on anything. I feel like I’ve gained 15 pounds since I stopped running, ugh! At least my friend and I had fun while the sister did all the hard work.

No way I’ll show you what the bride is wearing 🙂

It’s funny because Tonia over at Racing with Babes had a great post about what’s in her fridge and looking at mine it’s so obvious that my roommate and I are single girls. Like I needed anymore reminder after wedding dress shopping! But I thought it was funny how obvious mine is.

Outside: Can we say pics, wedding announcements, baby showers, bridal showers galore?

Inside: Water, coffee and um, a whole lot of nothing.

What does your fridge say about you?

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