I’ve been hacked

What a week it’s been. So there’s not much update on the knee front. Just waiting for the results of the MRI, if I’ll need surgery and when more importantly, when I can run again.

As if my week wasn’t bad enough, this morning my Gmail account got hacked. I’m on it one minute and the next I’m signed out and can’t get back in because my password has been changed. I thought it had to do with Facebook viruses but looks like it was a script bot-type program. Literally anyone who I’ve ever emailed received this rediculous message from me. Cut to me crying hysterically at my desk not knowing what to do because Gmail doesn’t have a phone number to call for help. Eventually it got resolved and I’ve changed my password but we also found that it was forwarding all new mail to a different account and sending them to trash as well. Ughhhhh. Moral of the story is be careful and make good passwords. It’s hard to prevent this stuff from happening but at least make it as hard as possible for a-holes to screw with you.

Enjoy your holiday weekend. I for one will be at the Jersey Shore, relaxing, most likely with a beer or margarita in hand.


MRI time

Went to the knee doc and he’s sending me off to get an MRI. Don’t want to think about it until I get the results, but he thinks I tore my meniscus. What does a runner do when they can’t run?

Non-running Robyn

I’ve been really slacking with the blogging lately but work is kicking my ass. Still non-running Robyn here, but at least I’m back to cooking Robyn. After a few weeks away from my kitchen I’m finally back to bringing in lunch and making weird concoctions for dinner. Before I get to that, SATC2 premiere was fun. It was a total madhouse but the ladies came on stage to introduce the film. I snapped a pic but it’s quality is eh. Still, I thought you’d enjoy it.

Today I worked from home but believe me, I may as well been locked away in an office. I barely stole time to eat but when I did I was back to my standby tuna/whitebean salad with cherry tomato and scallion. I decided to make it a little tuna melt (sorta minus the melt) and had green beans on the side.

Tonight I made veggie chili. I’ve never made it without ground turkey but being all sorta vegetarian and all I skipped the meat. I based it on this recipe I found. First sauteed up some carrots, onion and garlic.

Next I added celery, red and green pepper.

Then I added a tablespoon of chili powder, followed by mushrooms, then a 28-oz can of diced tomatoes. Chili is great because you can use so many pantry staples like these.

Final product =

I paired it with a tortilla (or 2) and some shredded cheese.

Pretty good if I do say so myself. Now it’s time to get ready for the Biggest Loser finale. I’ll be interviewing the winner tomorrow and I’m sorta rooting for Darius. Not sure why, but I like him.

Laced up the sneaks…

So the knee was feeling OK (not 100%) this morning and I figured I had to attempt a short run. Nothing crazy in Central Park, just a little East River jog. I did a mile and boy how easy it is to feel out of shape so quickly. I was huffin and puffin the whole way. But the real disappointing thing was that afterwards my knee just hurt. I hobbled back to my apt and was bummed. So looks like I’ll be keeping that appt on Thursday for the orthopedist. Anyone know what kind of injury affects the back of the knee?

At least I got an award to brighten up my day, care of my fave bloggy friend Kerrie at Mom vs. Marathon.

So here goes my 7 fun things:
1) I’m going to the Sex and the City 2 premiere!  My friend is in town and he was given 2 tix for the event and so he’s taking me. The best part is it’s finally a press event I can enjoy and not be working at! So excited to see what the girls have in store for the second movie.

2) My sister got engaged. It happened while I was away and we’re just so excited. Her and D have been together almost 4 years and so we were all waiting in anticipation for him to pop the question. I’m the maid of honor, of course!

3) I was on the track team for 1 season in HS and refused to ever run in a race. I don’t even remember why I joined the team but I was a big-time volleyball player and probably wanted to add a sport for my college resume. Funny how years and years later running has become a passion of mine.

4) This upcoming weekend is the first weekend of the summer season I’ll be at my house in the Jersey Shore. I can’t wait to just relax and hang out with my friends, chill on our porch at night, and get away from the city.

5) I just read a great book on my vacation and there’s nothing more that I love than finding a good book. It’s called The Opposite of Me and it was the author’s first novel and I thought it was wonderful. I’m also super excited that I’m now reading Emily Giffin’s latest book Heart of the Matter. I heart Emily!

6)I’m plant-sitting this week for my friend and I’m pretty sure I have no idea what I’m doing. She has all these pretty plants on her terrace and left me directions how to water and how much miracle grow to use, but I’m afraid I’m going to kill them. I’m a New Yorker, we don’t garden.

7) I can’t think of a 7th fun fact. Um, this is awkward.

And now I’m supposed to pass this on to 15 Bloggy Buddies, but I’m going with 10 on this one. I apologize if you already got this!
1) Lindsay at Pancakes N Pajamas b/c we’re new bloggy buddies and I love the title of her blog.
2) Kelli at Nursing School, Life and Everything in Between because she just started her weight-loss journey and that’s never easy.
3) Amy at Second City Randomness because I love her blog and she has great hair 🙂
4) Will Run for Beer because she’s freakin hilarious. Seriously.
5) Beth at Beth’s Journey to Thin because she has a great blog, updates all the time, and has great foodie pics.
6) Lisa at Early Morning Run because she’s a fellow NYC runner and we have like the same exact palate.
7) Jacklyn at Jayewalking because she’s a runner who is also in the writing industry and the girl is really inciteful!
8) Holly at Rust Belt Runner b/c her comments on my blog always makes me feel better!
9) Fit & 40-something because she’s also a great motivator and recently did a Red Wine giveaway. Sold!
10) Run, Eat, Date Sleep b/c I love following her journey and she recently ran the NYC half!

Injured my first day back

Seriously! So Tuesday was my first full day back and of course I had to get a run in. So at lunch I was short on time and went for a fast-paced 2 mile run on the treadmill. Finished in 28:25, nothing crazy by any means. But towards the end I wasn’t OK. I pushed through figuring it was just that I was rusty. I mean I only ran once my entire vacay. Well it’s Thursday and I’m still limping. I’ve been icing every day but it doesn’t seem to help. It hurts behind my knee, in the back, and hurts to fully straighten it. The pain, which is dull and not shooting, doesn’t go away and only worsens with certain movements. I know you’re going to ask if I’ve run since, and no I haven’t. But if I wasn’t so busy with work I’d probably test it out and make it worse. So friends, what is it? Will it go away? I made an appt with an orthopedist but it’s not until next Thursday. I’m scurrrrred.

I’m back!

Holy crap it’s been awhile. Feels like I’ve been gone forever. Hawaii was incredible. Absolutely amazing to be exact. While I could ramble on about my trip, I’ll try to sum it up with the important stuff, like what I ate and ran while I was away:)

The first morning I had a lovely Hawaiian breakfast out on the lanai. I was staying with my college friend Jamie, who lives with her parents in Kauai. Tough life, right? Her mom made eggs, portugese sausage, white rice and toast with this awesome strawberry-guava jam.

My first full day in Kauai was mother’s day so myself, Jamie, her parents, Jamie’s boyfriend and his roommate camped out in Polihale. We packed up the car with tons of food and a plethora of beverages, and set out to this secluded beach that takes 4 miles of off-roading to get to. It was incredible. We swam in the ocean, made s’mores, camped under the stars. Here’s a few pics.

Jamie lives on the south shore, but one of my favorite spots was Hanalei Bay that we visited on our north shore drive.

And of course I took a picture of the most delicious ahi burrito we had at the Wailua Fish Market.

On Wednesday morning, Jamie had to work so I went for a run. I drove to a spot where I left the car and then ran 2 miles down to the beach. J had told me it was a 4 mile run roundtrip and trusty Garmin confirmed that. I took some pics along the way.

Another noteworthy adventure I must talk about is Kipu Falls. I’m usually somewhat fearless but I could not get myself to jump off the cliff into the water. It was about 20 feet but looking down it seemed endless. Everyone else did it and eventually some nice local offered to hold my hand and jump together. Here we are.

The last night, Jamie and I ate at my favorite, Duke’s. I’ve been to the one in Malibu and Oahu. So yummy. I had Monchong which is a Hawaiian white fish. Also had some garlic mashed potatoes.

So that was the trip. I have so much to catch up on, my google reader is in the 200’s!!

Almost vacay!

Today I’m in a great mood. I started off with a pre-work run for 3 miles in under 30 minutes and of course, I’m just excited because I’m leaving for Hawaii tomorrow! But let’s back up.

Wed it was beautiful out and after work I met my roomie and her mom for dinner at La Bottega. We ate outside and the food was amazing. I had the whole wheat pizza with carmelized onions and peppers and fontina cheese. I almost forgot to take a pic!

Also had some white Sangria and then split dessert. Apple crumble with cinnamon gelato on top.

Yesterday I made it to the gym at lunch although 25 minutes into eliptical training I felt pretty shaky. Sometimes I have a great midday workout and other times I just feel like poo. It’s weird. But after work I met up with my sister and my bestie C for dollar oysters and happy hour. Do you like oysters? I love.

3 Hoegartens later, I was still able to get to bed reasonably early and wake up for my run this morning.

So this is probably my last post for awhile since I’ll be on vacay, but everyone enjoy their weekend!

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