What a weekend

I’m exhausted! Friday night I had an awesome dinner with my sister, her boyfriend, my friend Cate and my mom. My mom lives in Cali so I love when she’s in town, but it’s usually for such a short period of time. We went to Dock’s, where during happy hour they have dollar oysters. Yum.

Saturday morning I went for my usual run. It was a bit chilly but I was just happy it didn’t rain. I did 7 miles (with an extra mile walk at the end). My pace was a bit slow but that 6 mile loop in the park is no easy task. Two major hills that are quite killer. I’ve never seen running buddies before but have heard about it, and saw 2 in the park. Each duo was holding a string and one person was blind. Amazing. Makes me think about all the volunteer organizations out there I could be in involved in.

I came home and made myself a nice little breakfast wrap, this time with a little turkey, spinach and corn. This has become my favorite post-run type of chow.

So here’s my question. I know 7 miles is nothing to sneeze at but every Saturday I relax after my run, maybe nap, go out, but around 10pm I hit a wall. It’s killing my social life! Should I really be that drained from a 6 or 7 mile run? I’m thinking about switching the long runs to Sunday but I really like doing it Saturday first thing. Thoughts?

Sunday I had a bat mitzvah (the reason my mom was in town). For anyone who has never experienced a NY or NJ bat mitzvah, well you’re missing out. Let’s just say mine was in March and the theme was “Robyn’s March Madness.” This was on a Sunday so it was a little more low-key but we had a blast. Even 15 years later they still do candelighting with poems, play coke and pepsi, and hand out cheesy favors. Here’s a glimpse.

This drummer changed into about 3 different crazy outfits throughout the day, I still don’t know what he’s trying to dress as.

I love my silly family.

So today I’m tired but it was a good weekend. On another note, Lauren totally kicked ass and finished her half in 2 hours, 2 minutes. Talk about speedy. Hopefully I’ll get her to write a little race recap soon.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. momof3
    Apr 19, 2010 @ 11:36:25

    I usually hit the “social calendar wall” on any run over 12 miles, and I notice that it’s always worse on days that I’ve not had enough to drink. Just a thought. Oh, and your “recovery meal” looks fabulous.


  2. Kerrie @ Mom vs. Marathon
    Apr 19, 2010 @ 16:57:49

    Looks like so much fun! And, guess what? My mom lives in Cali, too. (That’s where I’m from.)

    Are you eating/drinking enough after your runs? Double-digits wipe me out. The cold bath has helped energize me and make my legs feel better.


  3. RunToTheFinish
    Apr 19, 2010 @ 20:41:19

    Wow that little turkey wrap looks super!!

    They say you need an extra 10 minutes of sleep for every mile you run. So maybe you aren’t getting enough rest on the other days of the week?


  4. kalli@fitandfortysomething
    Apr 20, 2010 @ 12:19:40

    oh i love this! your family looks so fun 🙂


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