Weekend Recap

Friday night I stopped in Barnes and Noble and literally walked around aimlessly. I’m currently reading New Moon but was in the mood for some serious chick-lit (the cable box in my room died) and could not find anything. I picked up a random book but does anyone have good suggestions? Anyway, I came home and made this recipe for polenta pie from one of my new favorite blogs, Healthy Tipping Point. The fact that I didn’t have a food processor and thus used a blender made it a little touch and go for awhile, but overall I think it came out pretty good. What’s not to love about polenta really?

I finished the night off with a delish green monster and went to bed dreaming about finishing my 8-mile run.

Saturday morning I woke up and headed to the park (after much debate about what to wear). My sister’s boyfriend D met me to do the 8 miles and I have to admit, I was hoping he wouldn’t show. I’m not really used to running with a friend and let’s face it, how would I keep up with a 6 foot, fit guy? Turns out it kept me a little faster than my pace and he was completely set on doing the whole thing with me and not running ahead. We finished the first 4 in 38 and then the full 8 in about an hour and 21 minutes. I felt pretty good throughout but those last 2 miles or so I struggled. My legs just hurt and my toes were in serious pain. But I did it and am so excited. I’ve never run 8 miles before! I also tried out Honey Stingers at about mile 6 and they were really tasty. So far my favorite. How many are you supposed to eat though? I only had 3. Here’s my running graph. I forgot to stop it at the end hence the total drop in pace:

As soon as we were done I walked back home and while stopping in Hallmark the stomach cramps began. For a second I was nervous but was able to pay and get back home safely.

While I would’ve loved to then spend the day in bed I immediately had to shower and get ready for a friend’s son’s 1-year-old birthday party. Seriously when did I start going to bday parties for my friends’ kids! But look at this face:

After the party, K & I met our other roommate and a friend for some gourmet pizza and wine at Adrienne’s. After that I was so done and went home and fell asleep before 9 pm. I was exhausted!

Today’s Sunday and since I’ve been up since 6:30 am, I caught up on all my blogs and even finished an interview I had to write up for work. I also made a little breakfast burrito and seriously, one of my favorite things is using up ingredients I have in the fridge to make something new. This was my burrito with 1 low-carb wrap, egg whites, spinach, black beans, sundried tomato and a little shredded cheese. Yum!

The cable guy should be here soon (I hope) and then tonight I’m heading into the office to work the Oscars. Enjoy your Sunday!


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  1. Kerrie @ Mom vs. Marathon
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 12:31:37

    Way to go on 8! I get stomach cramps when I’m done with long mileage, too. Last Saturday, after 9, I thought I was going to hurl (but that feeling didn’t show up till after I’d been home and showered — weird).

    Have fun covering the Oscars — I used to have to go in when I worked at a newspaper. Now I enjoy sitting at home with my TiVo remote!

    Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster (hilarious, based on the author’s life — sort of memoir/chick-lit)
    Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin (total chick-lit, but not lame)
    Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (just fun)
    The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella (fun, silly, you have to suspend disbelief)


  2. shorty on the run
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 18:26:59

    Good job on your 8 miler! I am impressed/jealous, although, I know I will someday be at that point too!

    As for chick-lit suggestion, I find myself reading over and over again some of Marian Keyes earlier work, such as:

    Rachel’s Holiday
    Lucy Sullivan is getting married
    Anybody out there?

    Ok, I’ve read ALL of her books. I like her writing, although her most 2 recent ones left me a bit disappointed.

    Also, the follow-up to Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin (titled Something Blue).

    Have fun tonight! I will miss the Oscars as I have to work my last night shift!


  3. Christy
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 18:59:45

    WOOHOO! Great job on the 8 mile run 🙂


  4. Newlywed Next Door
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 21:40:26

    Ohhh that burrito/wrap thing looks good!

    And PS- YES we are getting old!


  5. Saphia
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 09:35:19

    Hi! It’s nice to see another NYC runner blogging it up. 🙂 A plus that I can actually picture the routes you take. Good luck with everything!

    As for books, I definitely recommend:

    Jemima J, Twenties Girl, Remember Me?, and Can you Keep a Secret?


  6. shorty on the run
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 17:20:39

    Thank YOU for stopping by too! I’m actually in the midst of reading your blog from the beginning, trying to learn about running! Happy running!


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