Fun in the snow

Since I didn’t go for my run on Saturday, I decided to take a walk in the park with C and her malti-poo Charlie instead. I’ve never been to CP when it’s snowy and I couldn’t get over how gorgeous it was! We walked through the great lawn where kids were playing and people were building insane snowmen. Here are some fun pics from the day:

Look at that face!!

Sunday I woke up and felt even worse but could not spend the entire day in bed. So what did I do? I went for a run. I won’t say it was stupid because it was only 2 miles and I think sweating can be good for a cold. I came back, took a shower, and made myself a green monster. Now I loathe green drinks usually. I’ve done the Blue Print Cleanse a few times and those green suckers can be unbearable to choke down but I have to say I really enjoyed this new green monster concoction I made. It was 2 cups spinach, 1 banana, 1 cup fat-free milk and some ice.

Tomorrow I’m going to the foot doc so I’m hoping nothing major is wrong with it and that my cold goes away! Happy Monday 🙂


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tonia
    Mar 01, 2010 @ 18:22:44

    Hope you feel better soon!!


  2. Previously Plump
    Mar 01, 2010 @ 19:51:17

    oh, I miss walking through big huge parks… I used to lisve near some, but now I live near tiny small parks – it’s not nearly as much fun.

    Looks like you had a great time.

    I really have to try these green monsters…..


  3. Amy @ Second City Randomness
    Mar 02, 2010 @ 07:30:18

    Ugh! I hate feeling down and out… I hope everything’s good at the doctor and load up on some vitamin C!


  4. Jocelyn
    Mar 02, 2010 @ 09:17:37

    I’m seeing the Ortho today. Fingers crossed for both of us! AND FEEL BETTER!! 😀


  5. Val
    Mar 02, 2010 @ 16:37:47

    Did you use a juicer or just a plain blender to make your green monster? Hope you feel better soon!


  6. Val
    Mar 02, 2010 @ 20:31:27

    Thanks for the tip about the blender! I made my own version where I added 1 pear and 1 orange. Although I was quite repelled by the color, I have to admit it is delish and I am glad I have some leftovers for my breakfast tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe!


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