Bikram Yoga

Last night I so bravely entered the world of Bikram Yoga. I went along with my friend Jeremy who was only going back for his second time, but decided it may be good for stretching for the race, and heck, I’ll try anything once. As we waited for the class before us to end and people started trickling out I said, “um they look like they just got out of the shower!” Yep, was J’s response. We went in and got a spot in the back. The instructor immediately saw that I was the only newbie and said I was going to love it. Ha. The one downside was she had a super thick accent so it was hard to follow and I didn’t exactly know if I was doing everything right. I was surprised by the lack of inhibitions the men in the class showed. Lots of short shorts like this:

After about 10 minutes I was hot but then the real heat came on and I was like, oh so the heat wasn’t even on yet?? I kept up pretty well and although I was dripping sweat, it felt good. It was only at the end of the 90 minutes that I had to take a break from so many up and down movements because I was getting a little light-headed. All in all a good experience, I’d probably go back but not sure I’ll keep it in my weekly rotation. The week pass was $23 bucks but it gets expensive to do it often. Have any of you ever tried it?


And the winner is…

The winner of my first ever giveaway is Previously Plump! picked lucky number 9 so she gets the Biggest Loser dvds and protein powder. I happen to read her blog and it’s pretty funny, so you should all check it out. Stay tuned for my Bikram Yoga review…

Thoughts about online dating?

Today seems like just about the longest day ever. Maybe it’s because it’s Tuesday, maybe because I’m anxious for Saturday’s race, I don’t know, but since I’m struggling today I thought I’d pose this question: What are you thoughts about online dating? Yes, not a running or cooking post but it’s in the lifestyle genre I’d say. My story in a nutshell is that I was in a serious relationship, went through an awful break-up and heartbreak, and running is one of the things I credit with getting me back to a happy place. I’m currently single and have had no luck with the NYC bar scene (how many people actually have) and have been pondering searching online. I mean, even Jennifer Love Hewitt is thinking about it. I’ve briefly done it before but I always am “over it” before I really give it a shot. That or I just don’t like anyone I meet. So has anyone met their current significant others online and have thoughts about it or have other ideas for getting myself out there?

I’m a winner

Yesterday my Garmin came and with all these pieces, I’m a little overwhelmed.
I hope I have time to play with it before Saturday’s race. I also might wear it around the apt a little to get used to the mega-watch size of it.

So my friend asked me to do Bikram yoga with him tonight which I was both excited and nervous about (Bikram is the super hot tempature kind) but just now he said he’s sick so he might cancel. I’m scared to do it alone but I also think it might be a great way to stretch me out before the half. Thoughts?

I recently won 2 more giveaways! I swear I never win anything but then I won a wallet on Purseblog’s twitter and now I just won 2 awesome giveaways. The first was a pair of Ryders glasses from KC at 140 Point 6 Miles. These will be great this summer when I run at the beach. Then I just won HomeFree Organic, Allergy Friendly Cookies from Leslie Loves Veggies which I’m super excited about. This girl has amazing giveaways and I plan to keep entering 🙂 On top of all that, I just found out my office closes on Friday at 1 for the holiday which means I can hit my half marathon packet pick-up and then have plenty of time to rest and get my self ready for raceday. Woohoo!

Don’t forget today’s the last day for my own giveaway. I’ll be picking a winner this afternoon.

New blog title

I’ve been thinking about changing the name of my blog. When I first started writing, I knew I’d focus on running and training but had no idea that I’d actually make bloggy friends and feel like the people reading my posts knew me personally, and that I’d feel the same when I read there’s. To make it more “me” but still stay within my original intentions with this blog, I’m thinking about calling it Robyn Runs and Writes. What do you all think? Should I do it or just leave it with the original title?

10 miles and a Nike fail

Well I did my first 10 mile run today and the last long run before the half. I actually felt better this week than I did during the 9 but after was a little brutal. It was only 29 degrees when I left this morning and it took awhile to warm up once I got back home. Seriously last week I ran in a tank and this week it’s 29 degrees! I did the 10 in 1:46 but my Nike didn’t record the mileage. Total fail. So glad I bought the garmin this week, I’m just waiting for it to get here. I’m not the happiest about my time but now I’m just going to go into the race thinking, who gives a shit what my time is because just a few months ago I never thought I’d run a half marathon. I’ll leave the PR’s and such for my shorter races when I can really push myself to go faster. I also wore the iFitness belt. It was light, it didn’t bother me, although I did pull it down a few times. I’m undecided about whether or not I’ll wear it for the race since I can stick my honey stingers in my butt pocket regardless. I just made a delish wrap with 1 egg, 2 egg whites, a little spinach and mashed sweet potato.

So good! I constantly am getting ideas from Caitlin at if you don’t already know, she writes a great blog.

Last night I also brushed up on my dormant baking skills. I got the urge at work for muffins so after some googling I found this recipe for apple oat muffins. I ommitted walnuts since I’m sorta allergic and added raisins to half of them. They came out great, were really easy, and only about 100 cals per muffin. No oil in them and if you use soy milk, they’re vegan.

Yep, just call me healthy Betty Crocker. Okay, off to relax. Birthday dinner and party for a friend tonight. Enjoy the weekend and don’t forget to enter my giveaway 🙂

My first giveaway!

Before I get to the fun stuff, let’s just say my morning started off with this  
Yep, bagel Fridays finally got to me. I was out late last night watching basketball and I was just not in the mood this morning for oatmeal. Let me tell you, this bagel (scooped out I might add) was gooood.

Now for my very first giveaway to celebrate that it’s Friday and that tomorrow I’m running my first 10-miler. I have 2 workout DVD’s, Biggest Loser “Last Chance Workout” and Biggest Loser “30-day Jumpstart”

I’ve never tried these particular ones but back in the day I had a different BL workout DVD and it was pretty good. In keeping with the theme, I’m also throwing in 6 “Biggest Loser Protein 2Go” packets in blueberry. Their site says “Hungry but busy? Grab a Designer Whey The Biggest Loser Protein•2Go in Blue Blueberry, shake it into some water, and go — and feel great knowing that you’re getting the protein and fiber you need to fuel your body. fruitWELL helps bust cell-damaging free radicals, and our delicious blueberry flavor nixes thirst with only 40 calories.”

I personally use their vanilla protein powder in shakes sometimes. Ok so how do you win this awesome prize?

First entry, which is required, is to add me to your Google reader or subscribe to my blog and comment that you did.  
Additional entries:
Tell me if you’ve ever used a workout DVD and what your favorite is.
-Link to this giveaway on your blog and comment that you did.
-Add me to your blogroll and comment that you did.

A winner will be chosen Tuesday (the day Biggest Loser airs) by random drawing.

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