I’m so gourmet

Last night I tried out my first recipe from the Williams Sonoma Eat Well cookbook: Roasted tomato soup. I knew it would take some time so I actually ate an Amy’s burrito for dinner (and watched The Bachelor: Women Tell All) while I cooked up the soup that I could enjoy the rest of the week. It’s very low-cal/low-fat and only 2 pts per serving. The recipe makes about 4-6 servings but I swear it could feed an army. First I cored and cut the tomatoes in half  and roasted them with a mixture of EVOO, balsamic, garlic and dried thyme for an hour.

In a large saucepan I sauteed 1 sweet onion (I did not survive the chopping without cutting my finger) and then added 1/4 cup of dry white wine. Once the liquid evaporated I added 3 cups of low-sodium chicken stock and the roasted tomatoes. It was hard not to eat the delish ‘matoes right then and there! Once it all simmered for 10 minutes I started to puree it in my new blender. I have never pureed (or even made) soup from scratch before (except for my passover chicken noodle/matzoh ball soup) and I was impressed by how easy it was. Only once did some of the scalding soup fly out of the blender but that was because I had the top on alligned to pour.

I’m so excited to have this soup all this week and today brought some in for lunch to eat with a few slices of turkey, a sliced up raw tomato and some leftover cauliflower and broccoli. Oh and it’s weigh-in day. Wish me luck!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jocelyn
    Feb 23, 2010 @ 15:54:14

    Damn, can I have some? that looks so good! Good luck on your weigh in! From the pictures I see you look thin and fit!


  2. Allison
    Feb 23, 2010 @ 17:47:37

    That looks and sounds delicious! Your pictures are making me hungry!


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