Akon keeps me going

Our love affair began with “Dangerous,” a song that immediately sprung me onto the dancefloor in any bar. It continued with “Right Now (Na Na Na)” when I truly felt that Akon knew what I was going through. I mean listen to those lyrics people and anyone who’s gone through a break-up will understand. His beat was awesome and that voice so smooth. His more upbeat songs became a fixture on my iPod and now whenever I’m running I listen to “Beautiful” and more recently “I’m So Paid.” Once in awhile I’ll go old school and turn on “Smack That.” Yes, I am a Jewish white girl who loves Akon.

Akon also helped me get through my Tempo Run Thursday yesterday. I ran 3.5 miles in 34:58, anything under a 10 min mile makes me smile (did I just rhyme about running?).
As for today I made such an awesome little breakfast and lunch. I love Greek yogurt but have never tried Chobani (I don’t usually see it in my grocery store). This morning I picked it up at my deli and had the fat-free Pomegranite. It was delish!! I even added some blueberries and strawberries that I brought in and I’m looking forward for the turkey wrap I packed for lunch. Today’s workout will be light, probably 30 min on the eliptical and tomorrow I have a 5k in the park. I’m thinking about doing the loop twice and making it a 6 mile run since I’ve yet to go above 5. Wish me luck!


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