The sickies suck

Today was the first Saturday I missed my long run in about 2 months and i’m actually really bummed out. Despite the fact that my training group was canceled because of the snow, I still wanted to go but with a minor foot injury (that I’d probably ignore) and an annoying chest cold I just couldn’t muster the energy. I usually look forward to the long runs, returning home a ball of energy and proud of myself for being amongst the marathon-training hardcore runners in the park but today I’m in bed cuddled up to old 90210’s and this:

Does anyone else miss running when they have to skip it?

Yesterday I had a nice half day. I stopped at the store on my way home and then made a nice little veggie and hummus sandwich lunch. I really wanted to make a wrap but the store didn’t have the small low-carb kind so instead I used whole wheat bread and made a mess:)

For dinner I was super tempted to order in but had the ingredients on hand to make a recipe I had wanted to try from the Unlikely Success Story blog. I adapted her lasagna babies recipe found here   and basically made a whole wheat lasagna (in an 8″ square pan) with spinach, eggplant, red onion and fat free ricotta. It came out pretty good although I think I could’ve used seasoning. I skipped that part of the recipe and I think it would’ve helped. Of course I made myself a plate with a side of some eggplant that I baked since I had leftover but then I kept picking at the lasagna tin b/c anything with sauce and cheese I can’t get enough of! Luckily I was able to spare some of the dish and have leftovers to enjoy today.

Have a great Saturday!


Avoiding bagel Fridays at work

Today I woke up to yet another snowstorm. Buying Ugg snowboots months ago = so smart. Not bringing my work laptop home with me last night = total fail. Needless to say this is what I was trekking in:

Last night A & I went to Southern Hospitality and it was delish! I always forget how spicy (or peppery) certain bbq foods can be so that’s the only thing I didn’t enjoy too much. But yes, after a hard day at work this is a great ending:

So every Friday in my office is called “Bagel Fridays.” It’s probably the thing employees love most about our company and I have to say it’s a pretty awesome thing. Only problem is the bagels are always soooo good looking and there are pastries and muffins to boot. I used to partake in the bagel part but haven’t since I started WW. We do order fruit as well so I at least get a banana and orange as my alternative. Would you be able to say no to this?

So glad it’s Friday. I’m thinking about making an appt for the foot doc and considering I’m sick with a sore throat and this heinous weather I may have to postpone my 7 mile run tomorrow 😦

Treadmill Thursday

What a yucky day in NYC. It keeps changing from snow to rain and combined with the wind it’s just nasty. This picture outside my office does not do it justice.

Yesterday I did not make it to the gym, but saw the Black Eyed Peas. Concert was just OK but still fun none-the-less. There was some weird robot action but Fergie, boy does she have a sick body.

Luckily I did make it to the gym today and ran on the treadmill. I did 4 1/2 miles in 45:30. I did the first 3 in under 30 but then slowed down a bit before speeding back up. It feels good to get a good run in since I haven’t really since Saturday. The only thing I’m worried about is that the part of my foot right under my 2 small toesies (on the right foot) has been hurting since Tuesday. I was running around all day at work in heels and I think I may have bruised it or something. That’s what I get for trying to look all fancy and not scrub-like. So far I’ve had a pretty well-balanced food day, starting out with a packet of flax plus Nature’s own oatmeal, a scrumptious Chobani non-fat Strawberry as a snack, and then for lunch leftover homeade roasted tomato soup and a sandwich with 2 slices of turkey, sliced tomato, spinach and some roasted red peppers.  

Tonight my friend A is taking me out for a belated birthday din to Southern Hospitality and I cannot wait to eat me some pulled pork. I think my nutritious meals thus far mean I can enjoy dinner tonight guilt-free, right?

One of the good days

So I must start off this post by saying I love how amazing the blogger community (that I’m super new to) is. I love how I can write a post about how annoying the stupid scale is and you all make me feel like it doesn’t matter what the stupid number is anyway. And you know what, scale? Today I’m rocking my size 4 jeans! I’m pretty sure these pair are an anomaly because they’re the only size 4’s I own but the fact is I haven’t worn them in awhile and I feel good. To make my day even better I just got this:

A new post from Racing with Babes came up in my Google reader and as I finished her post I looked back and said, wait is that me?? I realized it was! So now I will present you all with 6 random facts about myself (pressure, pressure):

-I’ve always been competitive and pretty sure it dates back to elemenary school when I scored 97th percentile on the state test and thought it meant only 3 people in the world were smarter than me. Needless to say I cried for days wanting to find out who they were. 
-I love my job and sometimes cannot believe that the same people I grew up watching on TV I’ve now interviewed as an entertainment reporter years later.
-I lived in London, have travelled all over Europe and have visited Israel yet I’ve never been to Boston.
-This summer will be my 3rd in a row having a Jersey Shore house with friends. And yes, we started summer-ing there way before MTV made it popular.
-No matter how many times I’ve seen an episode I will usually watch Beverly Hills, 90210 for hours during the weekend on Soapnet.
-I’m barely over 5 feet tall but I wear a size 9 & 1/2 show. Some gene pool, hah?

So now to pass along the award, I know exactly who it’s going to. She was my first comment (after my mom and a friend from college) and has motivated me and gave me great advice in the few short week’s I’ve “known” her. Thanks Kerrie at!!

An open letter to my scale

Dear scale,
Please move (to the left — I’ll kill you if you go to the right). I’ve been working so hard with my running and eating pretty darn well and although I’ve had endulged here and there and may have enjoyed a few nights with my dear old friend red wine, I’d love it if I could lose just another pound. It’s been two solid weeks of no weightloss so I think I you deserve a little nudge.
All my love,

PS. I know my running distance has been increasing, does anyone know if the non-weightloss could be due to building muscle in my legs?

I’m so gourmet

Last night I tried out my first recipe from the Williams Sonoma Eat Well cookbook: Roasted tomato soup. I knew it would take some time so I actually ate an Amy’s burrito for dinner (and watched The Bachelor: Women Tell All) while I cooked up the soup that I could enjoy the rest of the week. It’s very low-cal/low-fat and only 2 pts per serving. The recipe makes about 4-6 servings but I swear it could feed an army. First I cored and cut the tomatoes in half  and roasted them with a mixture of EVOO, balsamic, garlic and dried thyme for an hour.

In a large saucepan I sauteed 1 sweet onion (I did not survive the chopping without cutting my finger) and then added 1/4 cup of dry white wine. Once the liquid evaporated I added 3 cups of low-sodium chicken stock and the roasted tomatoes. It was hard not to eat the delish ‘matoes right then and there! Once it all simmered for 10 minutes I started to puree it in my new blender. I have never pureed (or even made) soup from scratch before (except for my passover chicken noodle/matzoh ball soup) and I was impressed by how easy it was. Only once did some of the scalding soup fly out of the blender but that was because I had the top on alligned to pour.

I’m so excited to have this soup all this week and today brought some in for lunch to eat with a few slices of turkey, a sliced up raw tomato and some leftover cauliflower and broccoli. Oh and it’s weigh-in day. Wish me luck!

Side-effects of running

These are the things they do not warn you about when you start to become an avid runner (and don’t worry I will spare you the pictures).

-Boob cuts. Ok maybe I could have thought of a better word but I swear this has happened on more than 1 occasion, and only to my left, does that mean it’s bigger? I first thought it was from wearing a cotton sports-bra and not good wicking material but it happened again last week. The worst part is I don’t even realize it until I’m stinging in the shower and look and there’s a full on scrape that’s scabbing over. Are my sportsbras too tight?

-Chafing. I knew this was a common problem and perfect timing once again, Mom vs. Marathon has a great review for Body Glide here. I excepted to have this issue with my long distances in shorts but the problem is it happened durng my 6 miles where I was wearing running tights. As soon as I finished the run I felt a sting and that entire night I was having some issues in places one does not want issues. Luckily the area that was irritated was maybe a quarter inch of skin but still, am I supposed to put Body Glide on even with pants. That just does not sound right.

The good news to report is that what used to be my fast speed during my interval runs is now my slow speed! Today I did 3 miles and when I was at my slower intervals I was doing 5.8 and at my fast 6.5. I even pushed myself for a little bit at 6.7. Seriously I’m proud that my short little leggies could keep up with that rate.

Happy Monday!

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