Saturday morning runs in the winter

I wake up and check and it says 14 degrees (Feels like 1). Hmm, and I’m supposed to run 5 miles in the park like this? Well, Saturday mornings I have my training group. It’s through the marathon and Team World Vision which ironically is a Christian group and I totally didn’t realize that until everyone started talking about what chuch they went to. Regardless of me probably being the only Jew in the group, it’s great to have a set run every Saturday in Central Park. This Saturday’s temps were beyond frigid but I slept through the weekend before and also hadn’t done 5 miles in a few weeks. So I did it, 2 pairs of running pants, hat, gloves and all. Instead of breaking into pace groups like we normally do, the 12 or so of us stayed relatively close to each other give or take 30 seconds or a minute. I have to say every time I complete 5 miles I’m proud of myself because I always seem to doubt that I’ll run the whole thing. Yet every time I do. Central Park is great for running except it’s more hilly than people realize and the big hill we hit during the last mile always kicks my ass. I finished, though, in about 51:30, not bad for running in the artic. I came home and could not get warm and after my shower my legs were literally purple. But once I felt back to normal I made myself a nice little healthy breakfast of 3 egg whites with tomato, and a big orange. This healthy thing ‘aint so bad.


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