Old family photos

I have always loved photography. Whether it’s taking pictures out with my friends, bringing my camera everywhere, or looking at old photos, photography has always been the one artistic quality I posessed. My dad’s father was a big photographer and I’ve always imagined that’s where I got it from. Recently, I’ve really gotten into old photos of my family. It all started with a day trip to visit my Nanny. Not often do just the two of us spend time together and after talking about my grandfather, who died 20 years ago, we decided to break out the old family albums. She gave me free reign to take whatever I wanted and I had a field day. As her 85th birthday was approaching, I decided to make a scrapbook page with some of the photos so when I went home to my parents house over holiday break I got a few more. It’s so wild to see what your parents and grandparents looked like when they were your age and how uncanny resemblances between family members can be. Let’s just say my mom was so freakin skinny (apparently I didn’t inherit those jeans) and my dad was a hottie. Here’s the page I made for my Nanny and some other awesome pics I love.


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