Tempo Run Thursdays

I’ve been following a training guide for my first half marathon on April 3. I’ve never run more than 5 miles so I’m hoping that by sticking to this plan, I’ll survive the 13.1. I’m in my third official week of training and proud to say I have not missed a day. That means I’ve been working out 6 days a week for the last few weeks which I have never been able to say in the past. Gold star to me! Thursdays are both my best and worst days of training — the “tempo run.” (I did not come up with that moniker and often mistakenly call it the turbo run, which I think makes more sense.) The basic idea is that it’s the 1 day a week to truly push yourself and run 30-60 seconds faster per minute than your normal pace. Basically it’s a sprint. I do mine on the treadmill and so far have been able to do it at lunch which means all morning I’m thinking, “ughhh” and then all afternoon I’m feeling amazing (and exhausted but in a good way). I’m trying to keep track of my time during these tempo runs to see how I’m improving as my mileage goes up. Here’s how I’ve been doing:
1/14: 3 miles, 30:35
1/21: 3 miles, 29:55
1/28: 3.5 miles, 35:20


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