It’s All About the Points (My Weight Watchers Journey)

I’ve always been obsessed my weight, nutrition and exercising.  Now that doesn’t mean I’ve always been a skinny minny who only eats fruits & veggies and runs every day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m nowhere near rail thin, I love me some french fries and I can go days in a row without seeing the inside of a gym, but with all the ups and downs and yo-yo dieting, I’m attempting Weight Watchers and a healthy way to lose 10 pounds. So far it’s going well but um, yeah, I only started this Monday so let’s see how I get through my first weekend on it. I’ve always been a points-counting hater but taking a few minutes out of the day to figure it all out really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I get 20 points for the day and have pretty much come up only 1 point short of hitting my max each day, and I haven’t been using the extra points I get for working out. The one thing I’m worried about is that if I don’t lose any weight after 1 week, I’ll give up. So people keep me motivated!! As a reference, here’s a pic of me at my heaviest (ironically when I had the boyfriend), my skinniest and me now.

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