Old family photos

I have always loved photography. Whether it’s taking pictures out with my friends, bringing my camera everywhere, or looking at old photos, photography has always been the one artistic quality I posessed. My dad’s father was a big photographer and I’ve always imagined that’s where I got it from. Recently, I’ve really gotten into old photos of my family. It all started with a day trip to visit my Nanny. Not often do just the two of us spend time together and after talking about my grandfather, who died 20 years ago, we decided to break out the old family albums. She gave me free reign to take whatever I wanted and I had a field day. As her 85th birthday was approaching, I decided to make a scrapbook page with some of the photos so when I went home to my parents house over holiday break I got a few more. It’s so wild to see what your parents and grandparents looked like when they were your age and how uncanny resemblances between family members can be. Let’s just say my mom was so freakin skinny (apparently I didn’t inherit those jeans) and my dad was a hottie. Here’s the page I made for my Nanny and some other awesome pics I love.


Saturday morning runs in the winter

I wake up and check weather.com and it says 14 degrees (Feels like 1). Hmm, and I’m supposed to run 5 miles in the park like this? Well, Saturday mornings I have my training group. It’s through the marathon and Team World Vision which ironically is a Christian group and I totally didn’t realize that until everyone started talking about what chuch they went to. Regardless of me probably being the only Jew in the group, it’s great to have a set run every Saturday in Central Park. This Saturday’s temps were beyond frigid but I slept through the weekend before and also hadn’t done 5 miles in a few weeks. So I did it, 2 pairs of running pants, hat, gloves and all. Instead of breaking into pace groups like we normally do, the 12 or so of us stayed relatively close to each other give or take 30 seconds or a minute. I have to say every time I complete 5 miles I’m proud of myself because I always seem to doubt that I’ll run the whole thing. Yet every time I do. Central Park is great for running except it’s more hilly than people realize and the big hill we hit during the last mile always kicks my ass. I finished, though, in about 51:30, not bad for running in the artic. I came home and could not get warm and after my shower my legs were literally purple. But once I felt back to normal I made myself a nice little healthy breakfast of 3 egg whites with tomato, and a big orange. This healthy thing ‘aint so bad.

The Kind Diet

I often watch Oprah and say, “Wow that just changed my life.” (I’m aware of how cheesy that just sounded.)  Then I go about my usual day, forgetting the fleeting impact that whatever subject I just watched had on me. Yesterday’s show was about learning where food comes from and featured Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone.  She talked about her new book “The Kind Diet,” and how she’s adopted a hard-core vegan lifestyle. Let’s just say she won me over when she talked about her effortless poops that happen twice and sometimes three times a day! She also spoke about how her plant-based diet has given her clear skin and off-the-chart energy which sounds great in addition to the fact that the diet is kind to animals. I know that chances are I won’t adopt the vegan lifestyle but I plan to get her book to at least “flirt,” as she calls it, with the idea and also try out some of her recipes that looked delish on Oprah. Right now I’m about 75% vegetarian but not sure I could ever say adios to cheese, my weakness. I’ve never met a smelly, gooey, shaved or crumbled type I didn’t like. But in the least, maybe I’ll learn a thing or two about eating more sustainably and healthfully.

Tempo Run Thursdays

I’ve been following a training guide for my first half marathon on April 3. I’ve never run more than 5 miles so I’m hoping that by sticking to this plan, I’ll survive the 13.1. I’m in my third official week of training and proud to say I have not missed a day. That means I’ve been working out 6 days a week for the last few weeks which I have never been able to say in the past. Gold star to me! Thursdays are both my best and worst days of training — the “tempo run.” (I did not come up with that moniker and often mistakenly call it the turbo run, which I think makes more sense.) The basic idea is that it’s the 1 day a week to truly push yourself and run 30-60 seconds faster per minute than your normal pace. Basically it’s a sprint. I do mine on the treadmill and so far have been able to do it at lunch which means all morning I’m thinking, “ughhh” and then all afternoon I’m feeling amazing (and exhausted but in a good way). I’m trying to keep track of my time during these tempo runs to see how I’m improving as my mileage goes up. Here’s how I’ve been doing:
1/14: 3 miles, 30:35
1/21: 3 miles, 29:55
1/28: 3.5 miles, 35:20

It’s All About the Points (My Weight Watchers Journey)

I’ve always been obsessed my weight, nutrition and exercising.  Now that doesn’t mean I’ve always been a skinny minny who only eats fruits & veggies and runs every day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m nowhere near rail thin, I love me some french fries and I can go days in a row without seeing the inside of a gym, but with all the ups and downs and yo-yo dieting, I’m attempting Weight Watchers and a healthy way to lose 10 pounds. So far it’s going well but um, yeah, I only started this Monday so let’s see how I get through my first weekend on it. I’ve always been a points-counting hater but taking a few minutes out of the day to figure it all out really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I get 20 points for the day and have pretty much come up only 1 point short of hitting my max each day, and I haven’t been using the extra points I get for working out. The one thing I’m worried about is that if I don’t lose any weight after 1 week, I’ll give up. So people keep me motivated!! As a reference, here’s a pic of me at my heaviest (ironically when I had the boyfriend), my skinniest and me now.

Restaurant Week

Twice a year restaurants all over the city partake in restaurant week so that people like myself can enjoy a meal at a place we may not be able to afford, or just might never venture to. Last night was my 3rd time taking advantage of this and I have to say our meal at Parlor Steakhouse was well worth the 35 bucks spent. I went with two of my best friends C and A and some of A’s work friends. Since C knows someone anywhere we go, we got a little extra thrown into our meal with a glass of Prosecco at the end. With restaurant week, dinners are 35 and you get a choice of appetizer, meal and dessert. I had the raw bar (yummy oysters), the hanger steak with steamed spinach (I’m on weight watchers — more on that later) and the sorbet for dessert. Dinner was delish and I’d definitely go back!

Where to begin

So here it is, my first entry. I’m a soon-to-be 27-year-old girl living in the world’s greatest city — especially when you’re young and single — NYC. I’m an entertainment writer/reporter who completely fell into this career after deciding I no longer wanted to work in TV and film production. Luckily I love it, and it could not be more a perfect career for this television junkie who prides herself on being a teeny bopper, old school 90210 and Dawson’s Creek-loving chica. I’m also a runner, well I like to think I’m one, and am training for my very first 1/2 marathon. So join me as I ramble on about my life as a writer, runner, somewhat health-nut, part-time partier, occasional dater, and hopefully I’ll make you laugh at some point along the way. ~Robyn